Booth Booking Procedures

For Indigenous Filipino Companies


Please check the Floor Plan and ensure that you have selected the correct booth when completing the Booking Form.

If you choose to join the Philippine National Pavilion, please select a booth of your choice within the Pavilion.

You are not limited by the size of the booths shown on the Floor Plan. Just indicate the Booth Number(s) you need to indicate your location of choice and fill in your space requirements in the Booking Form.

All rates are in Philippine Peso (PHP).

If you have any queries regarding the booking of space, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.



Booth Rates

Space Only

  • Rate: PHP 27,450 per sqm

    • Min. 24 sqm
    • Book and pay for your space only requirements, then build a stand of your own design.
    • We would recommend you contact our Official Stand Contractor for a quote.

Standard Shell Scheme/Walk-on Package

  • Rate: PHP 32,000 per sqm

    • Min. 12sqm
    • Comes complete with basic booth structures comprising Space, Carpet, System Walls, Fascia Board, Basic Lighting and Furniture
    • View booth entitlement package
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Enhanced Shell Scheme

  • Rate: PHP 36,000 per sqm

    • Min. 12 sqm
    • Upgraded booth with a “Premium-Look”
    • Promote your Company’s Image and Branding whilst at the same time removing the hassle of designing and constructing a “self-build” booth at much reduced cost!
    • Comes complete with furniture package specifically designed and configured to the booth size required.


Registration Fee

To cover administration costs for security, registration and Show Guide Listing, a flat Registration Fee will apply per Exhibiting Company based on the size of the booth booked as follows:

Size of Booth Fee
12 – 36 sqm PHP 20,000
37 – 72 sqm PHP 25,000
73 sqm & Above PHP 32,000



Booth Sharer

Booth Sharers are permitted on the booths, without surcharge, based on the following guidelines:

Size of Booth Number of Sharers
12 sqm Up to 2 permitted
18 sqm Up to 4 permitted
24 sqm & Above More than 4 permitted
  • Official Booth Sharers will enjoy the benefit of getting a full listing in the Official Show Guide.
  • Non-compliance with the guidelines will incur a Surcharge of 10% of Total Booth Cost for each Booth Sharer found at the stand.


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