World Trade Centre Metro Manila, Philippines

26 - 28 September, 2018

Why The Philippines?

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands located in the western Pacific Ocean and has a coastline of 36,289 kilometers and has a population of over 104 million people. With political problems in the region coupled with its fast growing economy, the Philippines has now become the focus of the international Defence, Security and the Civil Defence Industries.

A recent report by the Asian Development Bank indicated that the Philippines has the highest GDP growth forecast amongst ASEAN members for 2014-2015. The ADB also forecast a growth of 6.9 percent for 2015.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its growth projections for the Philippine economy for 2015 and 2016. "The growth forecasts for 2015 and 2016 have been raised to 6.6 percent and 6.4 percent, respectively, reflecting the boost from reduced global oil prices and the anticipated pick up in government spending from the low base in 2014," IMF Resident Representative Shanaka Jayanath Peiris said.

President Aquino was elected in June 2010 and his Administration made economic growth a priority for the Philippines. In parallel with this priority, they have emphasised a policy of good governance and a crackdown on corruption to create the basis for economic growth - and the strategy is working.

On December 11, 2012, Republic Act no. 10349 known as the ‘AFP Modernisation Act’ came into force. It is a 15-year defence modernisation programme with initial funding of 75 billion pesos being allocated for the first period of the programme. Unlike previous defence modernisation efforts in the Philippines, this time contracts are being awarded and money is being spent. All of which has resulted in the Philippines rapidly becoming one of the most active and progressive defence and security marketplaces in Southeast Asia.

The importance of the Philippine defence market is reflected by the decision of all of the major stakeholders in the Defence Modernisation Programme to continue to actively support and endorse ADAS 2016. To underscore the strong government support for the ADAS Series, President Benigno Aquino officially opened ADAS 2014.

The Event will also focus on the continuing modernisation requirements of the Philippine National Police, Coast Guard and Civil Defence Agencies further broadening the scope and coverage of the ADAS Series.

With the continuing support of the Philippine Government there will be an extensive Programme from the Philippine defence, security and civil defence establishments and other related Agencies. In addition, the Government will be inviting VIP Delegations from all the major Asia-Pacific nations to further enhance to review and evaluate the latest technologies and equipment that is currently available to meet the many challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region.

Look up the Market Potential and the Modernisation Programme of the Philippine Armed Forces to find out more.