Market Potential

The Armed Forces of the Philippines 15-Year Modernization Program is divided into three Phases and with its end objectives:

Joint Force Aerospace will control the air space over land and maritime areas of the Philippine territory

Joint Force Maritime will patrol and cover the archipelagic and territorial seas up to 200 nautical
miles of the EEZ.

Joint Force Land will perform a wide spectrum of capabilities from peacetime development to low intensity conflict and to limited conventional war.

The Second Horizon (2018 – 2022)

The First Phase of the AFP Modernization Program (Horizon 1, 2013 – 2017) is almost complete. The Department of National Defense is continuing the original AFP Modernization Program and is now developing its Horizon 2 (2018 – 2022) Program which is expected to include up to 200 Procurement Projects.


Based on the initial cost estimates, the Horizon 2 Procurement Plan may cost more than the PHP300 billion budget (approx.. US$6 billion) to implement.


The acquisition plan for Horizon 2 will include, amongst many other procurements, the following:

Philippine Army

  • Light Tanks / Fire Support Vehicles
  • New Self-propelled 155mm and 105mm Howitzers and Mortar Systems
  • New Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
  • Upgrades for wheeled IFVs (Simba, V-150, V-300)
  • Firepower upgrades for M113s
  • Short & Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile Systems

Philippine Navy

  • Continuous work on AFP C4ISTAR System, including all major components
  • 2 additional Frigates
  • New Corvettes – the number yet to be established
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels – 6 to be ordered
  • Potential purchase of Submarines – minimum 2
  • 2 Mine Countermeasures Vessels
  • ASW Helicopters and Maritime Patrol Aircraft
  • Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAVs)
  • 3 Landing Platform Docks (LPDs) / Strategic Sealift Vessels (SSVs)

Philippine Air Force

  • Multirole Fighters
  • Additional FA-50s
  • Additional C-295s and C-130s
  • Additional MPA & CAS Aircraft
  • Additional Air Defense Radar Systems
  • Attack and Combat Utility Helicopters
  • Medium and Heavy Lift Helicopters
  • Land and Sea-launched Unmanned Aerial Systems and Drones

Counter Terrorism

  • C3 Command Posts and Vehicles, and Communication Relay Vehicles
  • Individual weapons, Communication Equipment, and Force Protection Equipment
  • Shelter Systems, Information Awareness Systems
  • Light Tactical Vehicles, Special Assault Vehicles
  • Ballistic Shields, CBRN Equipment, EOD Equipment
  • Parachute Systems, Fast Rope Systems, Rappel Kits, and Scuba Gear
  • Breaching Equipment
  • Portable Assault Weapons
  • Night Fighting Systems, Thermal Systems, and Display Sights
  • Assault boats, RHIBs, and Associated Equipment


  • Combat Engineering Equipment and Mobile Bridges
  • Mobility Equipment (Trucks, Boats), Utility Vehicles
  • SAR Helicopters
  • Ambulances, Medical Vehicles, Tankers, Water Carriers
  • Mobile Water Purification Systems
  • Palletized Cargo Systems, Mobile Shelters, Power Generation Equipment
  • Material Handling Systems, Fork Lifts, and Similar Equipment
  • Medical, Surgery and Dental Equipment