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Market Potential

The Philippine Senate's Committee on Finance on 11 September 2012 approved the Department of National Defence's (DND's) 2013 budget proposal of PHP120.3 billion (USD3.7 billion), including PHP5.4 billion for the modernisation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The DND further revised the AFP Modernisation Programme in April 2013 to achieve the following defence capabilities …..

  1. Air Defence Capability. The Philippine Air Force, being the country’s first line of defence, shall develop its air defence capability by acquiring multi-role aircraft, air munitions, avionics, point and area defence missile defence system, maritime patrol and reconnaissance and early warning and control system, as well as capabilities for strategic and battlefield airlift and limited ground attack in support of surfaces
  2. Naval Defence Capability. Given the archipelagic and littoral nature of the Philippines, the Philippine Navy shall develop its capabilities for naval defence, amphibious warfare, sealift and transport, and surface warfare, naval gunfire support, detection and maritime surveillance, search and rescue, disaster response as well as capabilities for anti-air, anti-submarine and mine warfare.
  3. Ground Defence Capability. The fragmented nature of the Philippine land territory requires the Philippine Army to develop its capabilities for ground defence and internal security as well as its capability for assistance to national development, search and rescue operations, relief and rehabilitation, natural resources and environmental protection.
  4. General Headquarters Capability. The modernisation of the AFP further requires the development of a Joint Headquarters capability for command, control, communication, computer system, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR).

          (Capability Extracts above from DND Circular No 3 dated 11 April 2013)


More specifically, as provided in a J5 Presentation, the Revised Modernisation Programmes are to address these five Core Security Concerns…

    • Core Security Concerns
    •    • Territorial Integrity
    •    • Maritime Security
    •    • Natural Disasters
    •    • Cyber Security
    •    • Internal Security


The Objectives of the Revised Programmes are to develop

    • A Capability build-up to establish minimum credible defence in a Joint Force Environmen
    •  •   Develop and acquire materiel requirement to fill the capability gap
    •  •   Skilling of AFP personnel through education, training, and force restructuring


The Goals of the Programmes are to

    • Establish Minimum Credible Defence Postur
    •  •   Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA
    •  •   Maritime Security (MARSEC
    •  •   Territorial Defence (TD
    •  •   Joint Operation
    •  •   General Support


Thus the Key Components are….

Market Potential - Key compo AFPMP


The 15-Year Programme is divided into three Phases and the following end Objectives ..


Market Potential - Modernization Prog


And in the first FIVE YEARS in Phase 1 alone, there are 24 Projects for the Services ….


 Market Potential - image 1


Market Potential - Philippine Army


Market Potential - image 2


Market Potential - Philippine Navy


Among the Philippine Navy ships scheduled for acquisition/upgrading where local shipyards could participate in are:

  • Landing Craft Utility (LCU) – acquisition
  • Fast Craft Ferry – acquisition
  • Riverine Assault Craft (RAC) – acquisition
  • Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) – acquisition 
  • Rigid Raider Craft (RRC) – acquisition
  • PKM-Fast Attack – upgrade
  • Patrol Ships – upgrade


Market Potential - Image 4


Market Potential - Philippine Air ForceMarket Potential - AFPGHQAFPWSSUs



Civil Defence & Crisis Management

The recent massive devastations and loss of lives brought on by Super Typhoon Haiyan to the Philippines, especially in the Tacloban Area, is testament of the urgent need for Civil Defence and Crisis Management products and services to be supplied to the Philippine Government.

 Market Potential - image 7Market Potential - image 8


Through the Republic Act No 10121, the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Act of 2010 institutionalised the disaster risk reduction and management plan for the Philippines. The Office of Civil Defence (OCD) under the Department of National Defence, is the implementing arm of the National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council (or National Council).  One Billion Pesos (PHP1BN) was allocated to the OCD as revolving fund on the enactment of the Act.

There is great need for equipment and systems such as…

  • Early Warning Systems
  • Mobile Shelters
  • Emergency Sanitation & Health Systems
  • Rescue Helicopters and Boats
  • Medical Rescue Kits
  • Training in Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • And many more.



Asia Pacific Naval Region

In the Asia Pacific Naval Market, there is a projected increase of more than 25% in value of New Construction Hulls and Equipment Systems up to Year 2031, as projected by AMI International.  


 Market Potential - Image 3

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